SALEM: Applebee’s Donating a Portion of Proceeds to OrPTI Tomorrow

Applebee’s is helping the OrPTI Support Parents of Students Experiencing Disabilities.

November 21, 2009
8:00 AM – 10:00 AM

At the  Applebee’s Restaurant located at:
747 Lancaster Drive N.E. Salem, Oregon
(S.E. Corner of Lancaster Mall Parking Lot)

Cost: $7.00 per person
Come enjoy: Pancakes, Sausage, Fruit & Choice of Drink!

$5.00 of every ticket goes directly to the
Oregon Parent Training & Information Center.

Every dollar counts, come join us for breakfast, and watch the OrPTI Staff and Board Members in action.
We’ll be your hostesses, servers, dishwashers and more!!!

For more information or to purchase your ticket please contact:
Danielle Bethell
(503) 581-8156, ext.105
or email her at

Empower Oregon

About Empower Oregon:

We are workers dedicated to providing quality human services and opportunities to live with independence and dignity for the individuals we serve: People with mental, emotional or behavioral disorders; adults with developmental disabilities; individuals struggling to overcome substance abuse addictions and people who are homeless. The essential services we provide help our clients become healthier, more productive members of our community.

Like the rest of the nation, Oregon is facing a severe economic crisis. Our state leaders have taken bold steps to preserve essential human services by passing new laws to increase tax fairness and ensure that corporations and the wealthy are doing their part.

We are uniting our voices now to protect and improve these vital services and hope you will join us in taking action.

Family Blogs on Autism

Autism Learning Felt – A website hosted by the mother of children with autism.  Full of resources and anecdotes.

Mothering Autism – Words of personal experience, opinion, and lessons learned about mothering a child on the spectrum with autism, his younger sister, marriage, finances, and seeking out a sense of self.

Autism, Aspergers and More, Oh My!Following an abrupt introduction into the world of Special Needs children after the birth of my very premature (14 weeks to be precise) son I embarked on a journey. If you are reading these words I suspect you or someone you know is traveling a similar path. My intention in these pages is to share information about the therapies and treatments that are within the scope of my experience as a parent.

Autism: An Introduction for Parents and Guide to Oregon’s Human Service System

Autism: An Intro­duc­tion for Par­ents and Guide to Oregon’s Human Ser­vice Sys­tem, Fifth Edi­tion (2005)

The book­let was writ­ten and edited by two moth­ers of chil­dren with autism. It gives basic infor­ma­tion about the dis­abil­ity and sum­ma­rizes resources avail­able through the Depart­ment of Human Services.

Catherine Strong and Mary Anne Seaton first produced this booklet in 1996 as a labor of love. Both are parents of children with autism. They met when Catherine’s daughter was diagnosed 12 years ago and Mary Anne visited their home to answer the questions that Catherine and her husband Ted had about autism. That kitchen-table conversation was the inspiration for this booklet.

Download here.


Share Your Feedback with the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities

The Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities is conducting its annual satisfaction survey. From their website:

Each year the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities conducts a brief survey to measure customer satisfaction with activities, projects and programs that the Council sponsors or co-sponsors. The results of this survey will be included in the Council’s annual report to the federal Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD). Survey results will also help the Council plan for the coming year.

We hope you will take a few minutes to complete this survey. You only need to answer questions related to one activity, project or program that you are most familiar with. Please respond by Friday, November 27, 2009.