In order to do our best to support PSWs in the transition to the state’s new Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system, we’ve compiled links to every help resource we’re aware of and posted them on our website on one easy-to-access page.

Here you’ll find:

    • EVV training videos
    • Information on how to sign up for local EVV trainings
    • Information on how to create a user account on DHS’s iLearn training portal
    • Oregon DHS technical assistance documents and FAQs
    • Contacts to help you find help when you need it

The roll out for EVV began on July 16th, 2019. While there is currently no penalty for not using the EVV system, we strongly encourage you to give it a try so that you get used to it during the early roll out and are ready to go when it becomes mandatory later this year. We’ve had feedback from PSWs who’ve told us that for mobile users the EVV interface is actually an improvement over the existing eXPRS interface. Give it a try. There’s no time like the present.

Please understand that beyond sharing the resources the state has created, we aren’t able to offer much technical support for EVV. We’re learning right alongside you. If someone on our staff is unable to help you navigate the EVV interface on your mobile device, it’s not because we don’t want to; it’s because we don’t have any special knowledge that you don’t have. In fact, as a PSW you have a leg-up on us because you can log in and see the EVV interface. There is no testing or training environment for us to see what you see. We hope to get a better handle on what the screens look like as the roll out progresses, but in meantime please use the training resources created by the state.


The State of Oregon Department of Human Services has posted a full Frequently Asked Questions document on its EVV website. Check out the latest version of the FAQ by clicking here.


The State of Oregon Department of Human Services is offering multiple in-person EVV trainings for Personal Support Workers. PSWs aren’t required to attend an in-person training and may choose to utilize the online materials (video and print) provided by the state instead. Note that in-person trainings are provided in multiple languages.

For the latest in-person training schedule, you’ll need to visit the state’s website by clicking here. Scroll down to the EVV Statewide Orientation section and there should be a link with dates. You will need to RSVP for sessions using the state’s iLearn program. You can learn how to get set up in iLearn by clicking here.


Below you’ll find a series of video trainings, written documentation, and Power Point presentations explaining start to finish how to get set up as a Personal Support Worker using the eXPRS EVV system. The materials are thorough and expansive and should answer the majority of questions PSWs have about the new EVV mandate.

General overview of the eXPRS payment system and how to get set up as a Personal Support Worker.




Link to PDF: Informational Overview of EVV 

Link to Video via YouTube

Informational overview of EVV for Personal Support Workers.




EVV Login and Site Navigation




How to Start a Shift




How to End a Shift




Link to PDF: How to End a Shift

How to Add a Shift




How to Correct a Shift





If you have questions or comments about EVV that are not addressed by the resources you find online, here are some places for you to give feedback:


    • SEIU, Local 503 Member Resource Center:  1-877-451-0002
    • Oregon Home Care Commission: 1-877-267-0077
    • eXPRS Account Access: (844) 874-2788, option #3 –
    • Payment Issues contact Public Partnerships, LLC: or 1-888-419-7705 (English)