Connections: Healthy Relationships with Family, Friends, and Partners is a live online course that consists of 10 classes.

The program is sponsored by Independence Northwest.


This class is about relationships and sexual health and will help you reach out and build stronger connections with the people you care about.  The Connections class will give you tools and skills to be safe and happy in your relationships!


This ten-part class is for brokerage customers who want to strengthen their positive relationships with the people they interact with everyday. It’s also a great way to learn how to expand your circle of friends and think about dating and potentially developing intimate relationships.


At this time, this program is available to Independence Northwest, UCP Connections, UCP Mentors, Community Pathways, and Eastern Oregon Support Services Brokerage customers. Space is limited and we keep our classes small because that’s how they work best.


Topics we’ll cover include:

Becoming a Couple
Healthy Relationships
Understanding our Bodies
Sexual Health
and more!

This class helped me understand healthy relationships and become a stronger advocate.

- 2019 Class Participant

Meet the Instructors
Corinne Thomas-Kersting<br />

Corinne Thomas-Kersting

Hello!  I am Corinne Thomas-Kersting. I am looking forward to meeting you and teaching this Connections class with Alice. I am a speech-language pathologist and retired school administrator with Portland’s Community Transition Program for young adults. My career has focused on advocating for educational equity and supporting people becoming successful communicators. Since my retirement, I have been honored to serve as a Board Member of Independence Northwest and have taught communication workshops to Personal Support Workers. One of my favorite sayings is “Communication is the essence of human life.” It is also the essence of every human relationship. See you soon and we will start learning together!

Corinne Thomas-Kersting<br />

Alice McKenzie

Hi!  I am Alice McKenzie and am thrilled to be joining you on this journey to learn more about healthy connections and relationships. My background is in public policy and social justice. I have worked on programs with diverse teams of people across all sectors. I believe that understanding your own body and self is essential for every person to experience safe, healthy, and authentic sexual expression. My classes will focus on understanding your own body, reproductive health, and sexual health.


Check Your Access
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Check Your Schedule
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What you’ll need to participate online:


A computer or tablet (iPad) with a screen large enough to see several people on Zoom

It is important that you can see the instructor and the other students during the class, so the screen needs to be big enough for us to see each other’s faces. A computer is best, but a tablet or iPad can also work.

Please note – phones will not work as a device for this class.

A camera, microphone and speakers

These are often built into your computer system. But not always.  Sometimes people use headphones. Headphones also help keep things quiet and more private.

Reliable internet

We don’t want you to miss anything!

A private space in your home when you take this virtual class

Confidentiality is important and students want to be able to say things in the class privately. It is important that others in your home do not accidentally overhear something that someone says confidentially.  We have a saying: “What we share personally in this class, stays in this class.” 

A comfortable place to set up your computer

Set your computer up on a table so that you can sit comfortably in front of it without having to move around.

Good lighting is important. Just like a class that meets in-person, we want to see your face and we want you to see other people’s faces so you can participate in the class.  


Orientation + Class Schedule


Meet the instructor and learn more about the Connections Class

Wednesday January 24th or Monday January 29th

Class Schedule
Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30 – 5:30pm

Monday February 5th
Wednesday February 7th
Monday February 12th
Wednesday February 14th
Monday February 19th
Wednesday February 21st
Monday February 26th
Wednesday February 28th
Monday March 4th
Wednesday March 6th

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