Video: All About Community-Led Brokerage Services

Who is eligible for Brokerage services in Oregon?
Brokerages Statewide Map
Provider Types

Join us to learn about Oregon’s progressive brokerage service system for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

This short presentation by Independence Northwest Executive Director Larry Deal explains what you can expect from brokerage services in Oregon, from initial eligibility to implementation of your support plan.

The video is divided into chapters if you’d like to jump forward to a section of interest.

0:00 – Introduction

1:52 – Eligibility for Developmental Disability Services in Oregon

4:15 – What Is a Brokerage?

6:37 – List of Brokerages Statewide

7:39 – The Roles of the Brokerage Personal Agent (PA)

10:41 – Available Goods and Services

12:27 – Provider Types

13:21 – Available Direct Support Services

15:20 – Beyond Just “Meeting Needs”

16:08 – The Planning Process

20:16 – Additional Resources

For more information about brokerage services across the state, please visit our choice advising website at My Brokerage My Choice.

Subtitles in English are included. Spanish subtitles forthcoming.

Thanks for watching!