Personal Support Worker Incident Reporting Requirements

Effective November 1, 2019, Personal Support Workers must report serious incidents to a brokerage customer’s Personal Agent immediately, but no later than one business day after an incident happens.

PSWs received official notice on this change from the State of Oregon Office of Developmental Disabilities in October 2019.


What Must Be Reported?


  • Serious illness that will result in hospitalization, bodily injury, or death without treatment.
  • Serious injury that risks a person’s life or permanent injury without treatment.
  • Physical aggression resulting in injury to the person, PSW, or others.
  • Person receives emergency medical care.
  • Person is missing beyond the time frame established in their ISP.
  • Person is admitted to a psychiatric hospital.
  • Person attempts suicide.
  • Person has an unplanned hospitalization.
  • A medication error that results in harm or puts the person’s health and safety at risk.
  • A safeguarding intervention or the use of safeguarding equipment included in a Positive Behavior Support Plan results in injury.
  • The use of a physical restraint that is not included in a Positive Behavior Support Plan.
  • Death

Your Incident Report Must Include:

  • Name of the person

  • Date, time, duration, type, and location of the incident

  • What happened before, or leading up to, the incident

  • Detailed description of the incident, including what you did

  • Description of injury, if injury occurred

  • Name of the PSW and any other witnesses to the incident

  • Actions by the PSW or others to keep the incident from happening again


Additional Information

The Oregon Office on Developmental Disabilities (ODDS) has created a training for PSWs and other providers to learn about their responsibilities to report incidents. See more information in this transmittal: APD-IM-19-068: Provider and Partners CAM training in iLearn.

Incident Report Forms

Personal Support Workers may use any format they choose as long as all elements listed above are included in the report. If you have additional questions, please contact the Personal Agent you work with.