Judy Cunio, one of Oregon’s most illuminating, involved and direct self-advocates for the developmental disability community has passed away from an injury resulting from a fall in her home. Ms. Cunio was not in pain and did not regain consciousness, per Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities Interim Director Kathryn Weit.

Our thoughts are with Judy’s family, friends and all who were lucky enough to know this incredible woman. Oregon’s DD system would not be what it is today without Judy’s voice.

Visit her memorial website at http://judy-cunio.last-memories.com/

About Judy, in her own words:

“My name is Judy Cunio. I have been the Self Advocacy Coordinator for the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities for 11 years and I have seen many changes in the Self Advocacy Movement over the years. I have been involved in some kind of advocacy off and on for almost 40 years. I grew up with cerebral palsy at a time when there was no advocating for people with disabilities. In fact, I was not allowed to go to public school. So we really have come a long way even though at times it doesn’t feel that way. Sometimes you may feel like giving up, but its more critical now than ever before to advocate for what we need and deserve. Because now more than ever we are in danger of losing many of the things we have worked so hard for. We have to keep up the good fight. We have had tough times before and we always get through them… It will take work! But anything worth having is worth fight for. And WE are worth it.”

Memorial information forthcoming.

Thanks to Kathryn Weit and Tim Kral for contributing information.