The latest DD Coalition GO! Legislative Update:

If you live in or near Clackamas, don’t miss one last opportunity to speak to the importance of DD services! The last regional town hall on the state budget hosted by the Oregon House Democrats will be held in Clackamas on Wednesday, May 11th
at 6:30pm, Rex Putnam High School Auditorium, 4950 SE Roethe Road, Milwaukie OR 97267.
If you plan to attend this budget hearing, please be sure to wear your Print and GO! Yellow DD Advocacy Button to show your support for DD services.  It is important for the DD community to be present and visible at these hearings.  Remember that you can also submit written testimony related to the State of Oregon budget to:

On Thursday, May 12th, there will be an informational hearing at 8:30 AM in HR A before the Senate and House Revenue Committees, during which the May Revenue Forecast will be released. You can watch live video or listen to live (or archived) audio of this informational hearing by accessing the audio/video link on the Oregon State Legislative web site. The Co-Chairs will be using this information as they finalize their budget for 2011-2013.
Speculation abounds as to when the Co-Chairs’ budget will be issued. Some have heard that it will be issued in mid-May, soon after the May revenue forecast is released. Others say it will be by the end of May. What we do know is that the Ways and Means Subcommittees are working to finalize their budget deliberations and push those recommendations back out to the full Ways and Means Committee.
The Ways and Means Subcommittees have also been given the “green light” to begin hearing policy bills again as their work on the budget wraps up, so stay tuned for more announcements on bills we are tracking that have been referred to the Ways and Means Committee.

May 9th – Monday
1:00 PM HR B (PPW)/ Senate General Government, Consumer and Small Business Protection Committee:
HB 3361 (relating to accessibility of cluster mailboxes)
3:00 PM HR D (PWK)/ House Health Care Committee:
SB 99A (creates the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange)
3:00 PM HR E (PUB)/ House Rules Committee:
SB 800 (bill that removes certain outdated or redundant provisions in education laws and eliminates certain reporting requirements)
May 10th – Tuesday
1:00 PM HR B (PPW)/ Senate Education and Workforce Development Committee:
HB 2220A (relates to proficiency-based education)
HB 2283A (relates to high school transition hours)
HB 2285 (relates to consent for school diplomas)
May 11th – Wednesday
8:30 AM HR 343 (WRK)/ Senate Judiciary Committee:
HB 2652A (disqualifies certain persons from serving as fiduciary for protected person if parental rights terminated)
3:00 PM HR D (PWK)/House Health Care Committee:
SB 99A (creates the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange)
5:30 PM HR E/Health Care Transformation Committee (J):
HB 3650 (bill that sets the stage for implementation of Health Care Transformation)
May 12th – Thursday
8:30 AM HR 343/ Senate Judiciary Committee:
HB 2036A (clarifies application of statutes related to unlawful discrimination against persons with disabilities)
HB 2683A (establishes procedure to request confidential information in protective proceeding)
May 13th – Friday
3:00 PM HR D (PWK)/House Health Care Committee:
SB 99A (creates the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange)

HB 2600 is the bill that puts Adult Support Services (Staley Settlement) into statute. It is currently in the Human Services Subcommittee of the Joint Ways and Means Committee.  Please urge the Subcommittee members pass this bill out of the Committee. The following are the members of the Joint Ways and Means, Human Services Subcommittee:
Sen. Alan C Bates, Co-Chair—
Rep. Tim Freeman, Co-Chair—
Rep. Tina Kotek, Co-Chair—
Rep. Mitch Greenlick, Co-Vice Chair—
Rep. Kim Thatcher, Co-Vice Chair—
Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson—
Sen. Jackie Winters—