From SAAL (Self Advocates as Leaders): SAAL Capitol Connections 2011

Do you want to make a difference at the legislature next January?  Would you like to make a difference about important things like to…

  • Keep more of the money you make working
  • Get better health care for everyone
  • Help people get jobs
  • Help direct care staff have the wages and benefits they need to keep on helping you to live a good life
  • Are you interested in telling legislators “No more budget cuts!”

SAAL is looking for 12 self-advocates who are available and ready to work in Salem.  WE NEED YOU to help our legislators understand the issues that are important to self-advocates across Oregon.

If you are excited about doing something about these issues then please fill out an application and send it to SAAL.

We will provide you with training and information to get ready for the 2011 legislative session

You will learn how to…

  • Talk to legislators
  • Attend hearings
  • Track bills
  • Testify on issues and work with other advocates
  • Build relationships with your local legislators
  • Help other self-advocates get active in the issues that affect their lives

If this is interesting to you then we want to hear from you! Please fill out an application and send it to SAAL and we will get in touch with you about what happens next.  If you have questions, please call Marcie at 503-725-8129 or 1-866-835-0659, or email