Join the DD Coalition GO Project and Adopt a Legislator Today!

As an Advocacy Team Member, you will have opportunities to meet with your legislator, invite him or her to special events, and help nurture interest in developmental disabilities issues throughout the 2011 legislative session. Members of each Advocacy Team will receive special advocacy materials and support from the GO Project; and be able to share activity updates and photos with other team participants. Certificates will be presented to Advocacy Team Members who maintain monthly contact with their legislator throughout this critical legislative session. Do not delay…Adopt your Legislator Today!

Here’s How to Get Started:

  1. Go to and type in your home address to find out the District Number under the name of the State Senator and State Representative then reference this directory to see who your recently elected legislators are.
  2. Select which legislator you wish to adopt and email the GO! Project Coordinator, Cheryl Cisneros at
    with your name, role (self-advocate, family member, brokerage/provider or advocacy organization representative), and your legislator’s name.
  3. Immediately upon receiving confirmation from the GO! Project Coordinator, you will be given special tips that will get you started with writing a personal note of introduction to your newly adopted legislator at their home address.

Now, Let’s “GO!”…