On Monday, November 15th, Seniors and People with Disabilities announced the suspension of the Fairview Community Housing Grants program because of Department of Human Services budget concerns.

Fairview Community Housing Grants were funded out of the interest on the Fairview Trust, a trust fund established by the legislature, from the proceeds of the sale of Fairview Training Center. The grants have been used by hundreds of families and individuals to build ramps, improve access to bathrooms, and other modifications that have enabled people to live safely in the community.  The agency is taking the money now and will attempt to eliminate the trust in the next Legislative Session.

We cannot let this happen in silence!!!  Raise your voice and object to this violation of the Trust and the commitment the Oregon Legislature made to those who once lived in Fairview and the generations of individuals with developmental disabilities who seek to live safely in their own communities.

What can you do?

Email your objections to this action:


For more information on the Fairview Trust, check Fact sheets on the DD Coalition website at www.oregonddcoalition.org

Read the Oregon Perspectives Issues focused solely on the Fairview Housing Trust (below.)

Download: Save the Fairview Community Housing Trust Fund! (PDF: 3.75 MB)