The Oregon DD Coalition has recently posted a training by disability advocate David Pitonyak on their website.  The training is called  “The Importance of Belonging” and it is from June of 2008. Check it out here.

The largest part of David Pitonyak’s work involves meeting individuals who are said to exhibit “difficult behaviors.”  Most of these individuals exhibit difficult behaviors because they are misunderstood and/or because they are living lives that don’t make sense.  Often they are lonely, or powerless, or without joy.  Often they are devalued by others, or they lack the kinds of educational experiences that most of us take for granted.  Too often their troubling behaviors are the result of an illness, or even a delayed response to traumatic events.

Another part of David’s practice involves training. He provide’s workshops and seminars on a variety of topics, including supporting people with difficult behaviors and supporting the needs of a person’s friends, family, and caregivers.

In the recent past, he has provided consultation and training for individuals, families and professionals throughout the United States,  Canada, Puerto Rico, England, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  He has worked with people in a variety of settings, including:  home and professionally-staffed residential settings, schools,  supported competitive job sites, sheltered workshops, and day activity programs.

“The Importance of Belonging” Part 1

“The Importance of Belonging” Part 2

David Pitonyak’s Website

Thanks to Cynthia Owens for the tip.