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About the GO! Project:

The DD Coalition created Grassroots Oregon (the GO! Project) in July 2004 to connect regional advocates to one another, to identify issues of concern in communities statewide, and to provide technical assistance and information regarding issues related to people with developmental disabilities.

The GO! Project strives to help people with disabilities and their families educate others – including the general public, state and local government officials, and public agency staff – about their stories, their concerns, and the impact of policies effecting people who experience developmental disabilities.

The GO! Project provides an information clearinghouse on state DD issues by maintaining the Oregon DD Coalition website and related materials as well as sending out monthly email bulletins. GO! is also building a strong network of Oregonians concerned with issues related to people with developmental disabilities through grassroots organizing and training activities. The project works to make sure the perspectives of people with developmental disabilities are represented in statewide forums and discussions about funding and policies.