The Portland Police Bureau Disability Accommodation Registry is a  voluntary registry for people with developmental, mental health or physical disabilities who may have difficulty communicating their needs to an officer because of an acute crisis or a continuing disability. The Disability Accommodation Registry has been a Portland Police Bureau program since 1996.

Who can register

Individuals with mental health, developmental or physical disabilities, or their legal guardian, may register for the program:

  • If you have a disability and you are your own guardian. If you feel there are times when you may be unable to tell a police officer about your disability, you are encouraged to register.
  • Legal guardians can register individuals who may have difficulty communicating with police.
  • Parents can register minor children who are eligible for the program.

Why register

By participating in the DAR program, you are sharing important information with law enforcement that can enable them to better assist you or someone you are responsible for. Here are two examples where DAR information is extremely helpful:

  • If a DAR participant gets lost in the community, the officer can use the emergency contact information to locate the participant’s support system.
  • If a DAR participant is in a crisis situation, the officer can get more information about their particular needs.

How to register

To register yourself:

  • Fill out the attached form completely.
  • You will need a contact person (family member, caseworker, caregiver, doctor or other) to sign the form as a witness to your informed consent. You must have another person sign on the “Witness” line.
  • Have your contact person fill out the “Contact Information.”

To register someone if you are their guardian:

  • Fill out the attached form completely.
  • Attach a certified copy of the guardianship papers to the completed DAR form. Guardianship papers must be sent in each year, even if the person has been registered in the past. Parents registering minor children do not need to send proof of guardianship.
  • You will need to sign on the guardian signature line. No witness signature is necessary with guardian signature.

How frequently do you have to register

Registrations are updated annually. A new form must be completed every year in order to continue as a participant in the DAR. A reminder letter and new form are sent to registrants each year. You may withdraw from the registry or change your information at any time.

Can you still be arrested if you register with the DAR

Registration in the program will not prevent anyone from being arrested if a crime has been committed. However, DAR information allows police and jail personnel access to pertinent information regarding the registrant’s special needs.

How information is used

DAR information is entered into the Portland Police Data System. When an officer comes in contact with a person who has signed up for the DAR, and their name is entered into the officer’s computer system, the name comes back noting they are a participant in the DAR and provides the officer with the information you provided on the registration form.

All information in this system is governed by Oregon Public Records law applying to the Portland Police Data System. Information will be released to public agencies for public agency purposes.

Mail completed form to:

Portland Police Bureau, Disability Accommodation Registry

Family Services Division

10225 E. Burnside Street, Portland, OR 97216


Fax completed form to: 503-823-0078

Questions about the program may be directed to:

Freda Vanderberg

Police Administrative Support Specialist

Portland Police Bureau

Family Services Division


Disability Accommodation Registry Form (PDF Document, 1,097kb)