Looking for some assistance with an upcoming IEP for you or your child in transition? OrPTI (Oregon Parent Training and Information Center) ensures that IEP Partners available to families who could use some extra help with the IEP process.

What is the Partners Program?

The Partners Program trains and matches Partners with parents wanting support at their child’s IEP, Transition or Mediation meeting. Our goal is to have Partners in every community throughout the state of Oregon.

Who are Partners?

Partners are parents and others who have gone through a two day intensive Partner Training Program. Partners are volunteers for the Oregon Parent Training and Information Center (OrPTI). They receive a stipend for each meeting that they attend as assigned by OrPTI.

What is the role of a Partner?

Partners are not at the meeting to speak for you. Their role is to help you prepare for the meeting, plan an agenda, identify the issues, write out proposals etc. At the meeting they will take notes and act as a trained listener who is familiar with special education rules and regulations. Partners model parent/professional partnerships and collaboration.

Can I have a Partner attend my meeting?

We currently have Partners available in most areas of the state. Due to the great demand, we are only able to provide each parent with a partner for two meetings per student per school year.

To have a Partner attend your meeting you need to give the OrPTI as much notice as possible before the meeting (two weeks is preferable). If you call the day before your meeting, we may not be able to make a match, so please plan accordingly. Partners are not always available and we may not have a partner in your area. We continue to hold trainings throughout Oregon in hopes of being able to support parents in all parts of the state.

Before a Partner can contact you, a release of information form must be signed and returned to the OrPTI. This form will be provided for you by mail or email which ever you prefer. We would also appreciate you filling out a Partner Evaluation Form, your feedback is important to us, we will use the information you provide to improve this program.

To request a Partner please call the Special Education helpline at 1-888-891-6784.