Portland Aspergers Network (PAN) was established in Portland, Oregon in 1997 to support families affected by Asperger’s Syndrome (AS). In its infant state it was a small group of parents in a hospital meeting room or a private home who came together to discuss how this little known disorder impacted the lives of other families. There was a strong desire to become educated. There was a humane instinct to support. Furthermore there was immediate relief in the idea that our families and our children were no longer alone.

In the past six years PAN has assisted an ever-expanding number of households with a wide range of services. We exist in goodwill to support families whose daily lives are affected by a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome.

Our mission has been one of reward and success and it is that which validates the necessity of our continued presence in the community and the need to exercise the trust earned therein. We are excited to find ourselves on the leading edge of an important cause and we are ready to take our commitment to the next level.


Online Community
This is a moderated Internet chat group comprised of parents from around Oregon and SW Washington.

Game Night
A monthly event where Aspergers kids, ages 5 to 18, can be themselves while engaging in activities they love. They eat great snacks, play video games and board games and trade Pokemon cards all night long. Meets monthly.

Parent Support Group Meetings
Meetings feature guest speakers that provide professional services to the Aspergers community. Meetings are also a chance for informal interactions between parents, who share information and experiences. Meetings are 4 times a year (Jan, Apr, July, Oct).

Teen Club
Twice monthly activities for teens 13 and older are held at various locations: LaserTag, rock wall climbing, movies, LAN Parties, and a chance to meet others in an accepting environment.

Resource Directory
We host this helpful guide created and maintained independently by one of our members. It includes support groups, social skills groups, workshops, events, doctors, summer camps, books, web sites and more.

Text from the Portland Aspergers Network site.