The following mailer was just sent to all Personal Support Workers on file at Independence Northwest. We are posting it on our blog and Facebook page to ensure all PSWs are aware of our practices around expiring qualifications.


Dear PSWs,

DHS sent out a notice this week informing PSWs that one of two documents is set to expire:

  • The Provider Enrollment Agreement (PEA)
  • The criminal history check (CHC)

It appears that the state had some errors in their source data because we’re being inundated with phone calls from providers who got expiration notices  even though none of their credentials are near expiration.

Independence Northwest tracks PEA and CHC expirations and sends out reminders of our own to all PSWs whose CHC or PEAA is near expiration.  If you haven’t heard anything from us, you should be in good shape. DHS may update eXPRS in the future so that PSWs can view their own credentials, but until then feel free to call us if you’re unsure when your documents need to be renewed. Our goal is to give everyone plenty of lead time to do renewals so that no one experiences lapses in service or payment.

– The INW Team