Dear various and sundry provider organizations,

I just wanted to drop everyone a line to say thank you all so much for your patience during the transition into eXPRS.  It’s been rocky for everyone involved and though we’re not quite over the hump, I think the worst is behind us. In order to keep up with the exponentially increased workload, we’ve added a full time position whose responsibility it is to create and manage plans in eXPRS. Additionally our Quality Assurance Coordinator will continue to devote the lion’s share of his time to reviewing and processing bills. These two folks are in the eXPRS trenches far more than I am at this point and should be able to clear up issues quicker than I can. My hope is that providing you with clarity on who is responsible for what in our office will help you achieve expeditious resolution to any problems you run into in eXPRS. Our aim as always is to promote quality supports for our customers and to provide timely and consistent payment to our partners.

If you are trying to enter bills into eXPRS and cannot because of issues with Plan of Care, please contact Rachel Kroll:

Rachel Kroll
Plan of Care Coordinator
503.546.2950 ext 72

If you have already entered bills into eXPRS (or have submitted invoices for non-eXPRS items) and have questions or concerns about payment, please contact Finch Raffa:

Finch Raffa, Quality Assurance Coordinator
503.546.2950 ext 25

If you are unable to achieve resolution through these channels please do not hesitate to contact me with your issues and concerns.

Thanks again for your support during this lengthy period of change.

Ron Spence
Operations Director