Update: TNT has communicated to us that independent contractor checks will go out in today’s mail.

Dear Independent Contractors,

There seems to be pandemonium in the field because independent contractors haven’t been paid. Unfortunately this post isn’t going to clear anything up but I wanted to send something out regardless since we are being inundated with phone calls asking questions we cannot answer. Here’s the short version of what we know and don’t know:

  • Neither TNT nor the state has communicated to us when ICs should or will be paid. We assumed that they would be paid according to the terms of the collective bargaining agreement.
  • We have heard rumors of a problem with payment but there has been no direct communication to us from TNT or from ODDS about this delay.
  • TNT assured us that missing vendor packets would not impact payment this month.
  • We met TNT’s deadline for submission of our bills, which was at 10:00 am on July 8th. It wasn’t easy.

We will update you here as soon as we learn more.

– Ron Spence, Operations Director