Just last week, ODDS Interim Director Trisha Baxter released a message geared toward families and customers. She will continue these messages on a monthly basis. In the message below, Trisha talks about the new Adult Needs Assessment, why it’s now a part of brokerage services, and what to expect. Thanks to Trisha for reaching out and developing clear communication on a complicated topic.

“Because it is important for you to have the best information for yourself and your families, I want you to know about the work that is happening in Oregon’s Developmental Disability Services (ODDS) program. Each month, I will be writing a new update for families and self-advocates so you’ll have the most current information. We will post the updates on the ODDS Facebook page and send them to your provider, CDDP or brokerage so they can get the update to you.

The new “K Plan” brings changes to some of our DD services, but leaves other services as they were and adds new services. To help you understand what the DD system now offers, ODDS created two new brochures, one for services to children and one for services for children and adults:
Services for Children: http://www.oregon.gov/dhs/k-plan/Documents/Developmental%20Disability%20Family%20Brochure-form%200339.pdf
Services for Children and Adults: http://www.oregon.gov/dhs/k-plan/Documents/Children%20and%20Adult%20Service%20Brochure-form%200338.pdf

Brokerages and CDDPs will have these publications at their offices, but you can also print them from the links provided here.

I have heard many questions from families and self-advocates about the changes in ODDS services and one of the most common is about why we have to assess what you need before your Individual Support Plan (ISP) and what you can expect at your next assessment. I will address that in today’s message.

Why you have to have an assessment:

• In order to understand your goals, strengths, choices and needs as they relate to your disability, the K Plan requires Oregon to do a face-to-face assessment.
• The assessment helps ODDS and those who help you develop your ISP understand which services you need to help you meet your goals.
• You will have the assessment once a year, but you can ask for a new assessment before a year has passed if you want a new assessment.

What to expect at your assessment meeting:

• You will be treated with respect.
• The person asking the questions will listen to you.
• ODDS needs to know about your goals and strengths, but also needs to know when you need help and what kind of help you need.
• During the assessment, you will be asked questions that will help ODDS understand what kind of supports will help you meet your goals.
• Before the assessment, you should think of all the different kinds of support you use. Think of the supports you use in the community, at work and at home.
• Remember: the assessment helps ODDS understand what you need to be successful, so stay positive and think about all the supports you need to meet your goals.

I encourage you to send your questions to me and I will answer them. You can also find a lot of current information on our Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Oregon-Developmental-Disabilities/179862702153136?ref=hl

Trisha Baxter
ODDS Interim Director and Chief Operating Officer