The Oregon Technical Assistance Corporation (OTAC) is looking for a limited number of people who receive DD services to interview and video.  They will use interviews and video to develop trainings for direct support professionals.   Participants will receive a small stipend for their time.

OTAC staff would like to hear from Oregonians with disabilities who receive services and their family members.  Participants must be willing to be videotaped talking about their lives. People are encouraged to share only details that they are comfortable sharing.

Here are some topics they may ask you about:

  • home life
  • work or school life
  • job skills or interests
  • a “typical good day” and a recent “bad day”
  • interests, hopes and dreams
  • the role of PSWs in your life
  • Other topics of interest to you

OTAC’s goal is to end up with video clips of the person or family member talking to use in the trainings.  Good candidates should be able to talk freely (independently or with a support person).

Please call Josiah or email if you are interested!   If you are, he will give OTAC your contact information so they can get in touch with you.

Josiah’s phone number is 503-875-9060.  His email is

Please note: this is not limited to brokerage customers – anyone receiving services can participate. Also, the training is not just for Personal Support Workers – it will benefit all types of Direct Support Professionals.