Have you and your family been wondering what you will be doing when you finish school?

Starting a career?
Going to community college?
Getting that first job?
Moving out of your parent’s home?

Although most students think about these questions, sometimes it is harder to imagine if you are a person with a disability. One major step is having a job. You may want this, but you and your family may not be sure how to make this happen.

If you are a student, ages 16-21 years old with intellectual and developmental disabilities, PROJECT EMPLOY would like to talk with you and your family. Starting in September, we will be working with families in Washington County and the Sherwood, Beaverton, Gaston, Forest Grove, and Banks School Districts to support students towards having jobs in the community upon leaving school at age twenty-one.

PROJECT EMPLOY will provide training on Person Centered Planning—which lays out a future for you, employment related supports, and advocacy. Since it takes lots of work to get and keep a job, everyone including you, your family and support team will all be expected to do their part. PROJECT EMPLOY will hold monthly gatherings starting in September and continue through the school year. One major event will be for you and your family to spend a day with your support team in November or early December creating a Person Centered Plan to lay out plans towards your future after school ends.

We will be taking applications through September, but are signing-up families starting in August. We would like to hear from you, now!


Arlene Jones: Arlene.jones@arcoregon.org , (503) 329-6809 or
Tara Asai: tara.asai@arcoregon.org or (503) 706-3273.