Lifespan Respite of Washington County is a community-based network of accessible respite care services.  Lifespan helps Washington County families and caregivers who serve individuals with special needs, regardless of age.  It helps caregivers find temporary relief from the demands of providing ongoing care through referral to respite care services in their community.  Please call 503-640-3489.

Services are provided without regard to income, race, ethnicity, special needs or situation.

  • Information and Education
  • Physical and Emotional Support
  • Time Away for Caregiving Demands
  • Help to find Available Services


  • 1 out of every 4 households in the U.S. provide care for a loved one
  • 23.5% (around 1.2 million) caregivers spend approximately 27 hours a week caring for a loved one
  • 12.3% (around 3 million) households give 40 or more hours per week to caregiving duties

For more information about Lifespan Respite, please call 503-640-3489.

What is Respite Care and Who Needs It?

Respite care is temporary, short-term care for an individual with special needs. Respite care is provided in order to give the caregiver a short-term break from the extraordinary demands of providing ongoing care.

Many caregivers face health and emotional problems because of these demands. Respite provides families and caregivers with the relief they need to remain healthy. It helps families stay together and continue to provide quality at-home care.


In July 1997 the Oregon legislature unanimously passed House Bill 2013. The law established the Oregon Lifespan Respite Care Program as part of the Oregon Department of Human Services Community Partnership Team. Lifespan’s mission was to help counties develop community-based Lifespan Respite Care Network chapters.

Benefits of Respite Care to the Caregiver

Relaxation – Provides peace of mind, helps them relax and renews their energy
Enjoyment -Allows them to enjoy favorite pastimes and pursue new activities
Stability – Helps to cope with daily responsibilities and maintain stability during crisis
Preservation -Lessens the pressures that might lead to institutionalization, divorce, neglect or abuse
Involvement -Allows people to become involved in community activities and to feel less isolated
Time-off – Allows people to take that needed vacation, spend time together and time alone
Enrichment – Makes it possible for people to strengthen individual identities and enrich their own growth

Lifespan Respite Benefits to the Community

  • Single point of contact to access community respite resources
  • Interagency cooperation and communication
  • More families stay together by reducing out-of-home placements
  • Reduces abuse and neglect cases

How Can You Become A Part of Lifespan Respite?

  • Call us if you, or someone you know, are in need of respite care at 503-640-3489
  • Refer potential respite care providers to us for more information
  • Donate time and/or money to support families in need of respite care
  • Invite us to visit and share information at your workplace, religious, social or service organization