Final tallies for Independence Northwest customer plan expenditures have just been compiled and reported to the Oregon Department of Human Services. From July 1st 2008 through June 30th 2009, Independence Northwest customers have received nearly $1 million in support services. These dollar amounts reflect actual expenditures (and not amounts allocated). Services are listed in ISPs (Individual Support Plans) and Personal Agents assist INW customers with accessing resources to meet their needs. The expenditures listed here do not reflect natural supports accessed on behalf of our customers (services such as Vocational Rehabilitation, Fairview Housing Trust, private insurance, Oregon Health Plan, etc.)

Keeping with statewide trends, Community Living Supports were the #1 service accessed by our customers, comprising over 50% of all services chosen by our customers. (For a definition of Community Living Supports, click here.) Second, coming in at almost 20% of overall services, was Community Inclusion Supports (definition here). Rounding out the top five services purchased: Respite at 10%, Non-Medical Transportation at 8% and Specialized Supports (Social/Sexual/Behavioral) at about 5% (definitions here.)

In the coming year, we expect the overall spending to increase significantly since over 80% of our total customer base have only been with us for one year (we enrolled over 370 people since July of 2008). Experience has taught us that customers tend to access more services in their second and third year as they become more familiar with resources available to them.

For a printable version of this report, click here.

Chore Services – .20% ($1,889)
Community Inclusion – 19.8% ($194,866)
Community Living/ADL – 52.8% ($520,661)
Environmental Accessibility Adaptations – 2.1% ($20,646)
Family Training – 0% ($60)
Homemaker – .10% ($652)
Non-Medical Transportation – 8% ($79,300)
Occupational Therapy – 0% ($0)
Personal Emergency Response Systems – 0% ($0)
Physical Therapy – 0% ($0)
Respite – 10.3% ($101,354)
Special Diet – 0% ($0)
Specialized Medical Equipment – .20% ($1,888)
Specialized Supports (Social/Sexual/Behavioral) – 4.7% ($46,586)
Speech and Language Therapy – 0% ($0)
Supported Employment – 1.8% ($17,784)
TOTAL SPENT FROM JULY 1st 2008 through JUNE 30th 2009 $985,688