Earlier this year, TriMet announced plans for changes to its LIFT eligibility process beginning in February 2010. Public workshops have been held and there have been efforts to ensure public input.

You can read their most recent transmittal here.

Some things to keep in mind as 2010 approaches:

  • TriMet LIFT is establishing a recertification every three years for everyone, regardless of disability. The exact language is “While a person’s disability may be permanent, other factors which impact the determination of eligibility may change over time.”
  • Existing active LIFT riders will be recertified over an initial three-year period starting in 2010.
  • Public comment period is currently open August 17th through September 17th.
  • LIFT Riders may be asked to complete a functional assessment evaluating their mobility skills. All riders will have to fill out a new application and most riders will be expected to participate in in-person interviews and in-person recertification meetings.

Check out TriMet’s recent statement for information on public comment contact information and detail on their process thus far.