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Oregon Intervention System – General (OIS-G)

Status: Available
Date: 8/11/2009
Time: 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM (BOTH days)
Assigned Host: Riverside Training Centers
Presenter(s): Kelly Gordham, Lead OIS Trainer
Description:This is a two day training on BOTH Tuesday, August 11th AND Wednesday, August 12th.

The Oregon Intervention System© is a person-centered, non-aversive system of strategies to understand and respond to behaviors respectfully and safely, including personal physical interventions for critical or emergency risk behaviors.

Location: St. Helens ESD Office
SAINT HELENS, Oregon 97051-3008
Cost: $50/co-op member, $100/non-member. (Check or money order payable to ‘Riverside Training Center Inc.’)
If you have any questions contact:
Name: Rose Johnson
Telephone: (503) 397-1922
Mail registration form to:
Riverside Training Center
PO BOX 280
SAINT HELENS, Oregon 97051-0280
Download Registration Form (doc)
Download Registration Form (pdf)
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Autism 1

Status: Available
Date: 9/16/2009
Time: 9 AM – 1 PM
Assigned Host: Danville Services of Oregon
Presenter(s): Mike Larson
Description:Autism I is a much-in-demand class which is both highly informative about Autism Spectrum Disorders, and practical about support needs and strategies. This course is highly recommended for anyone with an interest or need to gain a good basic understanding of autism and the wide spectrum of autism disorders.
Location: East Portland Police Precinct, Community Room
737 SE 106TH AVE
PORTLAND, Oregon 97216-3197
Cost: $20/co-op member, $40/non-member. (Check or money order payable to ‘Danville Services of Oregon, LLC’)
If you have any questions contact:
Name: Liz Saufley
Telephone: (503) 228-4401
Mail registration form to:
Danville Services of Oregon

PORTLAND, Oregon 97219-5291

Download Registration Form (doc)
Download Registration Form (pdf)

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