Working Together to Support a Brokerage Customer who has Tested Positive for COVID-19 Coronavirus

This information is taken from the March 17, 2020 guidance by the Oregon Office on Developmental Disabilities. 

Presumptive positive is defined by the Department as “the initial test for COVID-19 was positive.”


What the State of Oregon Office of Developmental Disabilities Will Do


→ Follow Public Health/Oregon Health Authority direction

→ Communicate to Provider(s) and follow OHA/County guidance

→ Refer to public health website

→ Require CME (Case Management Entity) to review and implement back up plan as needed

→ Assist with access to the BCU list of approved Direct Support Professionals

What Independence Northwest Will Do


→ Notify the Oregon Office of Developmental Disabilities Services

→ Notify local Public Health (see links below) or verify that the customer and and their primary contacts have notified local public health officials.

→ Ensure in-home providers and family have the In Home Worker Guidance published by the Oregon Health Authority.

→ Notify any active DD employment or DSA provider

→ Ensure the person has necessary care, medications, and food during their isolation period

→ Coordinate care if needed (including home-delivered meals, leaving items at the home, providers to offer Activities of Daily Living Supports)

→ Review and update back up plan and implement as necessary

→ Coordinate with the Oregon Office of Developmental Disabilities Services on alternative settings if care cannot be delivered in their home

→ Require enhanced training and protocol review for any paid providers

→ Notify ODDS with plan for supporting the person



What Providers Will Do


→ Personal Support Workers will notify Independence Northwest

→ Agency providers should notify the Oregon Office of Developmental Disabilities per Policy Transmittal 20-015

→ Follow all physician requirements, including isolation

→ Restrict all visitors other those necessary to ensure care

→ Require and use Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for those supporting the customer.

→ Requiur and provide PPE for staff. If they are not able to get required PPE at any time, they must document this.

→ Support person with gathering needed supplies for isolation period

→ Support person with moving to alternative setting if applicable

→ Keep log of all individuals who interact with the individual (including Personal Support Workers, Direct Support Professionals, etc.)

→ Restrict internal group activities to prevent exposure – that includes things like meals and recreation

→ Facilitate electronic communication for family and friends as appropriate