Whether you’re shopping on your own or you have a family member or a provider shopping on your behalf during the pandemic, here are some great tips for creating a consistent plan for getting your shopping needs met while staying healthy. Precautions sometimes seem like a lot, but caution is protection right now.

1. Designate one person in your house, if you can, to run the errands. This limits exposure to the virus.

2. When you or your support person shops, keep your distance from other people. At least six feet.

3. Plan to shop once every week or two and load up on essentials if you can. The fewer times you’re out and about, the lower the risk.

4. When shopping, wear a mask. You can wear gloves, too, if that makes sense for you. Be sure to wipe the basket handle or cart handle with a disinfecting wipe.

5. When you come home from shopping,  be sure you or your support person wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or more.

6. Create a disinfecting area in your house. Wipe down all of your purchases using anti-viral wipes or a virus-killing solution and leave surfaces wet for 3 – 5 minutes. Learn about disinfecting your purchases by watching this great video.

7. If your clothes have been in contact with bags or boxes, wash them on the warmest setting possible.

8. Be sure to disinfect any reusable bags from your trip.


Do you need help shopping?

Personal Support Workers and Direct Support Professionals can help.

Brokerage customers can use their support services funding to have a PSW or DSP go shopping for them. Talk to your Personal Agent about how you can receive supports in the event you can’t go to the store – or if it’s too risky for your health. Consider ordering online and having a provider pick up the goods for you.