Washington County Resource Fair

Washington County Developmental Disabilities Services presents its annual Resource Fair. This is an opportunity to folks to lear more about services available and network with agencies serving Washington County. In 2007, over 50 exhibitors and 1,000 families and individuals attended the resource fair.

WHEN: Thursday, October 16th from 11am to 4pm

WHERE: Cedar Hills Crossing Mall – 3205 SW Cedar Hills Boulevard in Beaverton

Independence Northwest will be presenting along with MENTOR and SDRI.

BROKERAGE NEWS: Independence Northwest Halfway to Capacity

Independence Northwest is proud to announce that we are currently at the halfway mark on our enrollments. We currently have 225 customer files from the local County Developmental Disabilities Programs (CDDPs). While not all of these customers are “formally” enrolled with INW, we are making contact and starting the planning process. Each customer has a Personal Agent and will begin receiving services shortly.

INW is the fastest growing brokerage in Oregon history. By June 30th, 2009, we will meet our contracted capacity with the State of Oregon Department of Human Services and will be actively serving 450 folks in the tri-county region.

BROKERAGE NEWS: The 10% Increase

This spring, the Department of Human Services announced its intention to increase (in most cases) the amount of money Customers of Support Services can receive. Starting October 1st, 2008, the majority of Brokerage Customers statewide will see a 10% increase in the amount of money they have available to them. This amount will be prorated, depending on when you plan begins. (For example, if your plan year is December through November, you will receive an increase starting in the month of October and it will prorated until your plan ends in November).

In addition, providers of support services will also have an opportunity to reconsider their current rates. The State of Oregon Department of Human Services has published a new set of rate ranges; the top level of these rates has been increased by 10% as well.

We’re in the midst of implementing the 10% change. Whether you are a customer or a provider, check out our website for updates on the process.

John O’Brien Training Opportunity

The Oregon Training Series on Direct Supports will be sponsoring an exceptional opportunity on January 30th, 2009. Acclaimed author, trainer and advocate John O’Brien will be making a rare Oregon appearance and we urge you to take advantage of this opportunity. To view the flier, click here.

John O’Brien has been in the forefront of thinking and creating precedent setting innovations that helped create full lives for people with disability labels the world over. In addition to developing many of the planning systems used internationally, training thousands of facilitators and human service workers, he is a writer with enormous insight and sensitivity. The training will bring to life John’s new book “Making A Difference, A Guidebook for Person Centered Direct Support.”

This isn’t OCDS’ only opportunity. Visit their website for a number of excellent trainings on disability over the coming months.

Thanks to Cynthia Owens.

ARTICLE: The Anti-Socialite

On the first day of Autism 2006, the Geneva Centre for Autism International Symposium at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the main event was a presentation by Tony Attwood. As the audience trickled into the 1,330-seat John Bassett Theatre, the image on the giant screen at stage centre was a tranquil expanse of ocean. A man in a suit crossed the stage to organize something on the lectern. Three women in front of me began murmuring. It was Attwood. Another woman went up to the stage and called to him. Smiling, he moved forward to greet her and then folded himself down to the stage floor, his head resting in one upturned palm as they chatted. The murmur intensified, coming from all directions. “He’s even lying down for her,” a woman whispered. Another took out her digital camera. “We’ve got to get our picture with him.” If Asperger’s syndrome has a patron saint, it is Tony Attwood. Born and educated in England, he now heads the Macgregor Specialist Centre in Brisbane, Australia; is an adjunct associate professor at Griffith University in Queensland; and is considered one of the world’s leading experts on AS. To many, Attwood literally wrote the book: The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome encompasses twenty-five-plus years of clinical experience and research. Having worked with more than 2,000 people (of all ages) with AS, he is a mentor to a generation of occupational therapists and a guru for parents. Continue Article

Source: The Walrus Magazine | Thanks to Valerie Morrow